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Basic Biology and Botany

Winston, M. L. (1987) The Biology of the Honey Bee. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass.

Davis,C,F (2004) The Honey Bee Inside Out  Bee Craft Ltd

Tautz, J. (2008) The Buzz About Bees – Biology of a Super-organism Springer Verlag

Goulson Dave (2013) A Sting in the Tail - Biology of Bumblebees and Goulson's  mission to protect them.  Jonathan Cape London

Goulson Dave (2014) A Buzz in the Meadow - Tales from the meadow and the rich tapestry of insect life therein. Jonathan Cape London

Seeley Thomas D (2010) Honeybee Democracy

Seeley Thomas D (2019) The Lives of Bees The untold story of the Honey Bee in the Wild

Maureen Little (2011) The Bee Garden published by Spring Hill

Kirk W.D.J. & Howes F.N  (2012) Plants For Bees  A guide to the Plants that benefit the Bees of the British Isles

Biology and Beekeeping

*Weiler, M. (2006) Bees & Honey from Flower to Jar, Floris Books, Edinburgh.

*Warré, É. (2010) Beekeeping for All. Northern Bee Books. Transl. by Heaf, D. J. & Heaf, P. A. from L’ Apiculture pour Tous 12th edition. (Saint-Symphorien, 1948).

Beekeeping for All is also available as a free download at

Heaf D.J. (2020)Treatment Free Beekeeping   IBRA and Northern Bee Books 2020

Kim Flottum with Stephanie Bruneau  (2021) Common Sense Natual Beekeeping

Near Natural, Organic and Bee-friendly Beekeeping

Berrevoets,E  Wisdom of the Bees,  principles for biodynamic beekeeping, Steiner Books

Chandler, P. J. (2007) The Barefoot Beekeeper. Self published, available at ; featuring horizontal top-bar hives.

Hauk, G. (2002) Towards Saving the Honeybee. Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association, San Francisco.

Heaf, D. J. (2010) The Bee-friendly Beekeeper. Northern Bee Books; featuring the Warré vertical top-bar hive.

Lazutin,F (2013) Keeping Bees With a Smile. A vision and practice of natural apiculture; using horizontal hives with deep frames.

Stiglitz, D. & Herboldsheimer, L. (2010) The Complete Idiot's Guide to Beekeeping. Alpha Books – Penguin Group, New York.




The Honey Bee by Gill Sentinella  available from the online shop at

Web sites

A Basic Pollen Guide:

Hive Makers and Timber
Timber; planked to size: Martin Osborne, (WRC Timber) 12 Lower Road, Bratton, Wilts BA13 4RG
Tel: 01380 830128, Mob: 07749 399937,       

Matthew Mercy (Warré hives) near Sturminster Newton, Dorset

Alfred Thuminger of Austria (Warré hives)

Thorne Beehives Ltd: Various Hives and Beekeeping Equipment    Stockbridge branch 01264 810916

Skep Making and straw for Skeps:  Long stalk organic Rye straw. Contact Brock near Radstock in Somerset:

Skep Making and Skep Beekeeping: At Watchfield near Swindon SN6  8TH  Contact Chris Park





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